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Why Selling in Alignment?

When you are in “alignment” you have the ability to achieve effortless selling. For this, three aspects of the professional should come into a perfect harmony – those are

  1. The Head : Thoughts
  2. The Heart : Feelings
  3. The Hands : Actions

The way you think, feel and deliver your product or service is really the way forward in a business climate which has become so challenging. This means having first and foremost having belief in what you are doing and delivering and tactics and technique second. Many people search for the best closing techniques and fail to go deeper into the psychology of true selling, which we believe is one of the highest forms of service.

Leadership attributes are often found in the most successful sales people – this is not a coincidence as Service and Leadership are like 2 wheels on a bicycle, you cannot have one, without the other. These are just some of the foundation principles we believe deeply in, and teach through our framework.

(“The 3H’s taken” from the talks delivered by Sathya Sai Baba, a foremost spiritual leader from India)

Who is the Selling in Alignment Method Built For?

• Anyone who has the telephone no. of a prospect, or some other means to SPEAK to them directly 1 to 1

• Anyone who has a product or service that is sold to the consumer market, i.e. Sells B2C, that’s any business that sells directly to the end user, and deal with just 1 decision maker. Examples generally include, Independent Financial Advisors, Coaches, Personal Trainers & Nutritionists.

• Anyone that want’s to learn the skills to sell high ticket items from $500 - $45,000 +

• Anyone that’s ever found it difficult to ask for the money

• Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs who want to be successful in business, want to sell, but are afraid, nervous perhaps lacking clear sales processes and methods.